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Thursday July 05, 2012


Cobra: White Knights - the Cavalry is Coming

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( is a soul group that keeps reincarnating with the sole purpose of fighting against the Cabal and setting the planet free.

In the middle ages, they were fighting against the Inquisition.

In the 17th and 18th centuries they were fighting against the Jesuits.

Now, they are mostly against the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

This group is the cavalry that is coming.

You can find them now inside the Positive Military, inside Templar groups, inside Faction 2, among members of the White Dragons Society, infiltrated inside various networks of the Cabal and among many freedom fighters inside the general human population.

If you feel a burning desire for freedom of this planet and you are actually doing something about it, you may well be part of this group!

Each one of us is unique and irreplaceable

There is a higher divine plan which strategically positions each of the Light warriors in a mandala that only the Source has a complete overview of.

This mandala is functioning with its full power only if each one of us does his mission.

So do your part! If you do not know what your part is, keep searching for it, keep asking for it and you will find it.

You do not need to fight with a gun.

You can also fight for the Light with a clear vision, with a brilliant mind, with the power of the written word and by many other means.

Attacking and criticizing messengers such as Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, David Wilcock or Drake is not a wise strategy to help the Light forces.

What the messengers do is they only relay info.

They are NOT responsible for delays or missed deadlines.

After the Cabal was lately cut off from nuclear weapons, they began frantically developing new biological and chemical weapons.

The Rothschild faction threatened to use one of these weapons (the so-called Flipper virus) and decimate the Earth’s population if the mass arrests would take place on July 4th

All those exotic biochemical weapons are currently being dealt with.

The plan for the planetary liberation is real and mass arrests play a vital part of this plan.

Be aware that Disclosure, First Contact and Golden Age can not happen before the Cabal is removed.

That may happen days, weeks or even months from now, but at a certain point it will happen.

No action will be taken by the Positive Military that could potentially endanger human masses, therefore they will move only when everything is ready.

About Cobra

Cobra surfaced in March and since then has grown in popularity due to Cobra extensive knowledge about THE EVENT and the Aliens.

Cobra is an incarnated Pleiadian and is part The Resistance




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