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Wednesday July 11, 2012


The Association of Citizen Prosecutors Federal Class Actions

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( Association of Citizen Prosecutors attended federal court in Toronto last week on July 4, 2012 and received (ex-parte) directions from the court in respect of proceeding with an historic criminal conspiracy action which names the Vatican and other high-profile parties. The ACP can now confirm that it has now expanded multiple and related international investigations based upon the large outpouring of evidence which has now come from many different segments within our society.

ACP Canada intends to bring further motions before the court, and would like to announce the formation of an united multi-national, multi-tribal Federation.

ACP Canada will be attending the Great Peace Conference in Brantford this month in order to seek both council and support and to be available for other victims. Due to the tremendous public interest and despite a mainstream media blackout, ACP Canada will be providing daily updates for everyone. Updates and statements can be found at

About The Association of Citizen Prosecutors Federal Class Actions

Jason Bowman, Founder ACP - Canada explians below

I, Jason Bowman, Founder ACP - Canada and Rev. Kevin McNamee-Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, and others intend to commence proceedings against the named defendants, and others in Federal Court.

I verily believe that these defendants are parties to criminal offenses including, conspiracies involving parties named, and occult / unknown parties.

I am personally aware of thousands of other status and non-status individual parties, each of whom claim that they have been harmed by what I believe to be collective acts and omissions on the parts of the named respondents.

I and Rev. Kevin McNamee-Annett have commenced meeting personally with each of said parties for the purpose of obtaining information and evidence because in each instance, said parties have been unable to compel other authorities to pursue the crimes alleged notwithstanding the willingness of said parties to proffer prima face evidence sufficient to cause process to issue.

I verily believe that widespread, systemic institutional bias and on-going criminal conspiracies appear to have perverted the course of justice in many of these instances across Canada, and intend to proffer evidence in order that all parties accused of criminal wrongdoing are held to account - without regard to their title or office - to the fullest extent the law.

Within the past 12 months alone, I have been made aware of separate and specific examples where otherwise preventable death or serious injurious harm of victims of the aforementioned conspiracies has resulted at the unclean hands of parties named as defendants in respect of crimes including human trafficking and genocide.




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