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Sunday April 15, 2012


Disclose.TV website was not seized but revamped

By LadyDragon

GERMANY--( website was down for 15 hours Saturday due to maintenance and revamping of the site. While it was down the site was redirected to a page saying that they were seized by the US and the European goverment.

Lukas, the site admisnistrator explains it this way;

Obviously the domain seizure was no real event with actual authorities involved, but due to maintenance downtime of the site for the re-launch. Copying millions of videos, forum posts, images etc. takes a very long time.

We decided to put the "seizure info" online, because we wanted to use the downtime to make a point about major threats to the Internet and free speech.

Without doubt this could have been a real event in the very near future, given that policies and laws like CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), SOPA, PIPA are allowed by the Internet community to be introduced. In light of this, we decided to dedicate a new forum in the Specials section to this ongoing issue; it's called "Internet Censorship & Lockdown".




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