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Sunday January 22, 2012


Kim Clijsters wins over Li Na at the 2012 Australian Open

By LadyDragon

MELBOURNE, Australia--( come back from Kim Clijsters after an ankle injury to win over Li Na in 3 sets at the 2012 Australian Open.

Kim serving first.

Li after 2 break points, takes the point with a return winner on the line then hold to get a 1-0 lead. Kim takes the next 3 games, 3-1. Li breaks to love, back on serve, 3-2. Li holds 3 all. Kim while hitting a forehand landing awkwardly and kind of turned her left ankle and now we have a medical time out. It looks painfull for Kim. Kim goes back to play and serve and wins the game at least 4-3. Li holds to Love, 4 all. The crowd is quiet waiting to see how Kim will serve next. Li breaks and now will serve for the set, 5-4. Li holds and win the first set 6-4 in 42 minutes.

Unfortunatly, Kim not looking too good at this time.

Kim barely holds, 1-0. Li holds to 15, 1 all. A wild forehand and Kim looses the game and Kim is not running after the ball too much but errors from Li helps to keep Kim in the match so far, 2-1. Long game, Kim playing smart but Li holds, 3-1. A quick hold to Love for Kim, 3-2. Kim looking better and Li making too many errors and kim breaks, 3 all. Kim holds to 30 and Li is getting frustruated out there, 4-3. Better game from Li, she holds to Love, 4 all. An other long ball from Li to give the game to Kim, 5-4. Li serving to stay in the set. 2 balls in the net from Kim to give the game to Li, 5 all. Again 2 long balls from Li to give the game to Kim, 6-4. And for the first time in the match we see a fist from Kim with positive emotion. Li serving again to stay in the set. A quick 40-0 hold from Li to bring us to a Tie Break, 6 all.

Forehand in the net from Kim, 1-0 Li, Long ball from Kim, 2-0. Ace from Li but Kim challenge and she is right so now Li serving a second ball and double fault, 2-1. Again a forehand from Kim in the net, 3-1. Now it is Kim that does a double fault and hits the ball in frustration, 4-1. Li now take a 5-1 lead. A long ball from Li, 5-2. 6-2 Li. 6-3 Li. 6-4 Li. 6-5 amazing running around from Kim 6-5. Wow a very long rally then a drop shot, followed by a over head ball to win the point from Kim, 6 all. Ball in the net now it is Kim to lead 7-6. Again a long ball from Li and Kim wins the TB and second set in 61 minutes.

The crowd on their feet applauding Kim.

Impressive come back from her ankle injury, fought until she came back on top as for Li too many errors to be able to beat Kim.

2 break points for Kim and again li continues to hit the ball way too long and give the game to Kim, 1-0. Kim holds quickly, 2-0. Li unfortunatly now is off her rock hitting balls way to long goes down 0-40 and a winner from Kim to break and have a 3-0 lead. Li gets a warning for coaching from her husband from the crowd and kim holds to love 4-0. Better game from Li now, 4-1.





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