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Saturday July 21, 2012


Lawsuits filled against the ABSA Bank, First Bank, Nedbank, The Standard Bank of South Africa and the South African Reservebank

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( Sheriff of the Court has just served the four major banks, and the Reserve Bank, with a summons from the New Economic Rights Alliance: Case number 27478/12.

Please click here to read the Lawsuit. 58 pages in total to read.

NewEra explains it this way;

Put simply, the NewERA is asking the High Court to declare our money lending system fraudulent and unconstitutional.

We are not suing for money.

Alternatively, we are asking the Court to suspend all legal action currently taken against every South African by the banks, until a full investigation has been undertaken into our banking system.

It may be bold.

It may be daring.

But it is 100% correct.

The banks are doing some terrible things behind our backs and two years of research by dozens of people around the country, working in their spare time and for no money, has culminated in this action.

It is a miracle that we made it this far.

We are very proud.

If you recall a while back I put a video about Micheal Tellinger;

Michael Tellinger has just filed his 1,100 page notice of motion against Standard Bank of SouthAfrica in the Constitutional Court, accusing the bank of "unlawful and unconstitutional activity"

MP4 - YouTube

About NewEra

The New Economic Rights Alliance is a community of people who are seeking transparency in the banking and corporate sector. By joining this organisation, you will unite with many thousands of South Africans who believe that banks and large corporations are in breach of natural human rights.




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