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Saturday September 29, 2012


Receive Money from your Debts

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( who has paid money to a Canadian or a US institutions can get money back from their past and current debts starting from 1933.

Before I tell you how it does work please be warned that I will revealed to you forbidden secrets that will blow your mind then make you very angry that you have been lied to all of your life.

This is how it does work.

LadyDragon ---> IMPORTANT: For everyone that has made their Money List please take note that it is now official Freedom Club USA has closed the Early Bronze and it is now preparing for funding stay tuned for further instructions as soon as it comes out

LATEST UPDATE -> LadyDragon Radio Show: Debt for Cash, How do to your MoneyList for February 19, 2013

Everyone when they are born, their Moms are duped to signed the Birth Certificate.

Why do I say duped, I say duped because the Birth Certificate is nothing but a Bank Note.

Take any Birth Certificate and look at the bottom left and you will see it is written Bank Note on it.

IMPORTANT ARTICLE ---> Structure of the Birth Certificate

That is only the begginning of the story.

If your Mom names you Joe Black well look on your Birth Certificate the name on it is in all Capital letters and it is written this way - JOE BLACK.

And that is when your legal person and your Strawman account start.

IMPORTANT VIDEO--> Very Informative ---> Great Explanation of your STRAWMAN ACCOUNT

If you have an hand written Birth Certificate or you do not have one well THEY have a way to make sure you do not escape this.

Look at your driver's license right now your name is all in Capital letters.

Their you go, you got duped as well to sign for your Legal Person.

IMPORTANT VIDEO--> Very Informative ---> Learn about your Legal Person

All Capital letters means what exactly, means that you just have signed that you are responsible for the Corporation named JOE BLACK.

They do that by the way everywhere in the world plus with all Goverments as well.

MP3 ---> How we are all caught in the fraudulent system

Here is a video explaining that Canada is not a country but a Corparation traded on the Stock Exchange.


This is how they create debts, THEY borrow money from your Corporation through your Strawman account and then you have to pay it back for them.

Told you It would make you angry.

But the good news is that now there is a way to get money out of your Straman account for your debts.

The first thing for you to do is to do your Money List

LATEST UPDATE -> LadyDragon Radio Show: Debt for Cash, How do to your MoneyList for February 19, 2013

Then when your MONEY LIST is done.

Email me your phone number at and I will call you

And listen to my latest instructions there.LadyDragon exclusive interview with Tom Lawler from Freedom Club USA




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