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Saturday March 31, 2012


Agnieszka Radwanska wins the final of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami over Maria Sharapova

By LadyDragon

MIAMI--( looses her 4th final at the Sony Ericsson Open.

Maria won the toss and chose to received.

Maria gets a 0-30 lead but Agnieszka comes back and holds, 1-0. Maria serves her first ace of the match and holds to 30, 1 all. Agnieszka holds to 15, 2-1. Maria serves an other ace and this time it gives her the game to Love, 2 all. Maria gets a break point but again Agnieszka holds, 3-2. An other ace in this game and Maria holds again, 3 all. Again Maria gets a break point but Agnieszka keeps holding on, 4-3. They both keep holding, 5-4. Maria holds to 30, 5 all. Again down 0-30 Agnieszka managed to hold, 6-5. Awful game from Maria, 4 errors and a ball in the net gives the game and the set to Agnieszka, 7-5. The first set took 56 minutes to play.

Maria felt of her rock on the last game and it cost her dearly.

Maria calls her coach and he was telling her to attacked Agnieszka second serve.

1 all. 31 errors from Maria so far compared to 9 for Agnieszka pretty much sums up the macth so far. Agnieszka holds to love, 2-1. 3 all. Again Maria gets a break point and fails to break, 4-3. 4 all. Agnieszka holds to Love for the 4th time in the match, 5-4. now Maria serving to stay in the match. and looses the game 15-40 and the match.

Too many errors from Maria, Agnieszka was the better players today, she was clam and very constant.




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