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Monday March 04, 2013


Keshe: President Obama still has not signed the World Peace Treaty of M.Keshe

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote-M.Keshe's Peace Treaty is sitting on President Obama's desk for the past 3 weeks and still, it is not signed!

M.Keshe latest information concerning the World Peace Treaty that he gave to President Obama.

We have delivered the peace treaty for signing by His Excellence president Obama directly through the same channels as the transfer of technology was requested for by the government of USA.

We have confirmation through the same channels that: The peace treaty has been on the table of the most powerful man on Earth for the past three weeks.


Your Excellency President Obama;

The world is waiting for your call.

Man of peace or war; please declare your position not to the Foundation but to the world.

Mass consciousness will take over the actions of weak presidents and Kings as we have seen in so called the spring uprisings in the past years.

Those whom make decisions are the ones whom make the difference.

We are waiting for your declaration your Excellency.

Your Excellency you can sign it in the White house, UN offices in New York, the office of The Keshe Foundation in Brussels, in Haifa in the house of worship or in Tehran amongst your friends.

Please choose the time and the place; to be in the next two weeks and we will respond, on behalf of the US nation, the world, the world faith, the Foundation, or the Iranian nation respectively.

Your Excellency, your nation through your office asked for the USB Key for the spaceship program; with respect and honor we responded to your call and gave you and your nation the technology as a gift as we gave it to Iran, china and Russia.

Now with the receiving this technology come the responsibility and that is the responsibility of implantation of peace.

Your Excellency president Obama; the channels of reply can be through the mass-media or through the same channels as we delivered the technology to your nation on your personal request.

With deepest love and care and respect for you and your nation.

M T Keshe

The Founder of the Keshe Foundation and world citizen


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