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Friday March 08, 2013


Keshe: Place in Romania where you can go signed the World Peace Treaty

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -Yesterday, M.Keshe announced the places for Belgium and the Netherlands and now today, it is Romania.

M.Keshe asked that if you have organized a place in your area to please go posted it on his forum.

M.Keshe latest information on the signing of the World Peace Treaty.

You can sign the peace treaty at the following addresses on 21.4.2013

The public signing of the keshe Foundation the World peace treaty day.

The logo will be released later on this week.

The public venues for signing of the peace treaty


The Keshe Foundation centre

Ring Oost 14




Opening from 10 am till 5pm

Sunday 21.4.2013


Info at keshe


Stormvogelweg 1

2106 AR



Contact: Mobile: Desiré Blok +31 6 226 86750

Mobile. Trix van de Poll + 31 6 539 32895

Romania, Sibiu


Pia?a Mare, Sibiu


Margarit-Daniel Buzoi

Mobil: 0723525559


LadyDragon was invited in M.Keshe Study Group and she is now preparing a resume with sound and video of the gathering.

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