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Saturday March 09, 2013


Keshe: LadyDragon Lesson 01 about how to built a Power Source

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -This is the first steps you need to take in order to start building your Power Source for yourself.

LadyDragon Radio Show: LadyDragon Lesson 01 about how to built a Power Source

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the first Lesson of many concerning building your own Power Source.

MrfixitRick invited LadyDragon to participate in a private Study Group with M.keshe from the Keshe Foundation, Tuesday night.

LadyDragon found the experience very facinating therefore decided to start educated everyone that are interested in building a Power Source for themself.

First, please signed up to the Keshe Foundation Forum in order to receive the latest informations plus you will be able to communicate with like minded people and help each other in your new journey.

Buy M.Keshe books if possible in order to learn more in depth knowledge.

M.Keshe Patent must be read as well.

Patent #1 PDF file -126 pages

Now let's talk about the reactor itself.

M.Keshe says that there is more then one way to build a reactor that is why he encourages innovation and creativity.

So this is only the essential basic equipment on how to start.

- Chamber

-Vaccum - double stage rotary vacuum pump, 10 to -2 MB(Milibar)

-Turbo molecular pump, 10 to -6 MB(Milibar)

-Neodymium magnets

-Sphere or Globe that rotates.

- Bottle of inert gas with regulators and various valves

- 9V Rechargable battery

Now all of this runs on inert gases. M. Keshe works with mainly 4 gases.

- Hygrogen

- Helium

- Neon

- Argon

Actually learning about all these gases is the key.

Mixing the right amount and combinaison of gases is where the secret lies mainly.

All of this needs to be handle with care an cleanness therefore you need surgical rubber glove to manipulate everything.

MrfixitRick has a fully assemble reactor for you to see and understand more. It is only a prototype but it will give an idea.

We need a budget of around 3000$ in order to start one that is why we need to work in team in order to keep the cost down.

Anything else that anyone wants to add or participate please email LadyDragon -

Scientists and newcomers are welcome to join this journey.

Lesson 2 coming next week.

If you are interested in building a Power Source for yourself please email LadyDragon your phone number if you are in the US and Canada, if not send me your Skype

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