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Tuesday April 09, 2013


Cobra: Short Situation Update

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -According to Cobra's latest update, there is at least 2 months to wait for the reset of the financial system.

Like always, it is not the FUCkERS in power the problem, it is the people that are NOT AWAKE preventing and slowing things up.

What have YOU done lately to wake up people ?

Cobra: Short Situation Update

Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively.

This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen.

Due to certain security related issues in the beginning of 2013 the clearance to publish detailed intel from the Resistance was withdrawn in January.

Probably some of you have noticed that not much substantial intel was published in my blog since then.

This situation is now finally being resolved and I will be again able to slowly publish more, especially after the activation of the portal on May 25th.

Galactic energies preparing us for the activation of the portal on May 25th are beginning to accelerate.

Venus-Mars conjunction this weekend was the initial trigger point of that process, bringing some much needed balance in relationships between male and female polarity.

Partial lunar eclipse on April 25th will bring much of the remaining anomaly of the implant hemispheres into the awareness of the surface based Lightworkers so that it can be processed and transmuted through conscious awareness.

Annular solar eclipse on May 10th will bring a strong pulse of Light from the Galactic Central Sun towards the surface of this planet and make the final push for the opening of the portal. And finally, a penumbral lunar eclipse on May 25th will open the portal itself.

There will be no drastic changes in the global financial system before the portal opens.

I am not yet allowed to speak about what will happen after.

But one thing is certain.

After the portal opens, I will be allowed to release a great part of the Ascension Plan to the surface population, after so many months of delays.

About Cobra

Cobra surfaced in March 2012 and since then has grown in popularity due to Cobra extensive knowledge about and the Light Forces.

Cobra said, he is an incarnated Pleiadian and is part The Resistance, that are here to liberate Planet Earth from the Dark Forces that have enslaved the planet for many many years.

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