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Sunday March 10, 2013


" ITCCS Citizens Arrest Warrant for RCMP Peter Montague" The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -On Friday, March 8, Common Law Court officer Rev. Joshua Lemmens tried to detain one of the men found guilty of Criminal Conspiracy and Crimes against Humanity in Canada, Inspector Peter Montague, at the RCMP "E" Division headquarters in Surrey, British Columbia.

Montague could not be located. Lemmens nevertheless delivered the Court's Citizen Arrest Warrant to an RCMP representative at the headquarters, which was recorded on camera and is posted below.

As head of covert operations for the RCMP on Canada's west coast for many years, Montague planned and coordinated attacks against indigenous activists and Rev. Kevin Annett after they began to reveal evidence of murders in Indian residential schools after 1996.

Besides destroying evidence of these deaths of children in Indian residential schools, Montague also planned the para-military assault on traditional native elders at the Gustafson Lake occupation in 1995.

"My specialty is smear campaigns" Montague boasted to the press that same year. In the fall of 1998, Montague paid two aboriginal members of Rev. Annett's group to attack Annett publicly and subvert his work and reputation among native people.

Montague stated to one of them, Irene Starr,

"If you discredit Kevin Annett, you discredit the whole issue"

Citizens and RCMP officials are asked to assist the Court in locating and detaining Peter Montague, who has been sentenced to twenty five years in prison by the Common Law Court for his role in concealing deliberate genocide by the RCMP and the churches and government of Canada.


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