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Sunday April 14, 2013


LadyDragon attends M.Keshe first Study Group

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -M.Keshe meets LadyDragon for the first time in the first session which was held on Tuesday night March 05, 2013, it lasted over 2 hours.

LadyDragon was invited by MrfixitRick in the first Study Group by M.Keshe.

M.Keshe is a kind and wise man who was very generous with his guidance and time.

LadyDragon Radio Show: M.Keshe first Study Group session#1

The session starts by MrfixitRick introducing LadyDragon to M.Keshe.

LadyDragon has been on the Internet for over 15 years.

LadyDragon existed before Google therefore when she writes an article, Google comes and picks it up within 10 minutes and puts her article in Google News and the Web.

LadyDragon also said that M.Keshe was doing beautiful work and this is why she opened a specific section for the Keshe Foundation on her site.

LadyDragon beleives that the world is changing in order to become a better place to live and that is why she wants to participate in learning the teaching of M.Keshe.

Someone else was there on skype and M.Keshe had some concerned about the system.

M.Keshe said "you should not see the scintillation, if you see the scintillation it means that it is not radiated"

M.Keshe advise him to put Helium.

M.Keshe said that he uses a -9 Vaccum Condition.

M.Keshe said that you need to sterilize your system before you start.

He calls that "Hydrogen Wash"

He also said you never use hands to handle your reactor you need to use disposable gloves.

If you dont, your fingerprint is fat therefore will be converted into Hydrogen when you dont need it.

Use alcohol 90%-95% to clean and clean it in a container so it will not get contaminated.

Then assemble your reactor with gloves if you touch something else change glove.

M.Keshe said he uses between 50-60 gloves when he works on his reactor because he opens it 10 to 20 times per day because he is trying different combinations.

He must not be contaminated or else things will go wrong he said.

Try to use inert gas sheilding.

Rotating core is for lift.

Double rotating core a globe within a globe is very powerful but control is very hard and it has a lot of problem.

M.Keshe build the first one 5 years ago in Tehran and now he is at 3-4 layers reactor we passed 2.

But to produce such a system you need a lot of knowledge to do it.

You need a lot of understanding of the fields and gases you put into it.

Because in a 3-4 reactor combination, you create different layers of sheilding.

2-3 cores layers, rotating layers used for the defense of the system.

For highest speed and protection like in the cosmic dust.

You use your reactor the first 2 inner cores maintains your gravitational magnetic field.

The third and fourth you control your subsidiary reactors for sheilding in the direction of strenghten.

So what do you do, you bring in your third which works in outer boundary and you use one of your 120 degree reactors to strengthen the shield in the direction of the motion.

So you have 2 layers.

The power the system, M.Keshe uses a 9Volt rechargeble battery.

You connect your battery to your motor to start running and then you take the energy from your reactor once the Plasma has been created to recharge your battery.

So you become supply independent.

This is how you isolate from control from outside.

You have to build your power supply internaly as part of your reactor.

Then M.Keshe wants to make an experiment with Rick's system in order to explain what is the difference with the magnet and his finger when it touches the globe.

The difference is that the solid magnet has properties of more denser electrode as oppose to the body is a current generator, blood is a magnetic flow itself plus the flow mirrors his heartbeat.

M.Keshe then explains how to protect the vaccum.

M.Keshe said to put a ring magnet on the hose in order to prevent the motor to blow up.

Also connect your hose through a 5 liter container not stainless steel but steel.

M.Keshe also said that there is enough materials around the world that even people in Africa can go to a second hand store or a scrap yard and what they will find everything they need in order to build themself a system.

M.Keshe then said that Rocket science belongs to NASA and The Space Ships Program belongs to the people in their homes.

M.Keshe talks about using Carbon gas because it is a conductor and a resistor at the same time.

Do not use CO2 because it will create moisture and will rust your valves plus stay away from Oxygen.

The last barrier before your vacuum pump is a micro-filters in order to absorb any materials or moisters.

There is as many ways to do a reactor as their is stars in the sky.

Depending on the position of your reactor you can produce different matters.

There is a misconception that you need different reactors in order to do diferent things.

If you want to create protein then you go closer to the core if you want to create copper then you go further out that is how you create different meterials.

Material production in the Universe is that way.

The misunderstanding in the world of Science is that a lot of it comes from biology.

Man has never understood the biology of his own body and he has taken the same mistake into the universal condition.

M.Keshe says if you treat your body like a Galaxy then you understand what everywhere and everything is in the Galaxy.

In the Galaxy you have all the matters of the Universe.

In the pipe of your reactor you can create a condition to produce protein or you can produce gold see.

You produce what you need.

Conversion of matter is an habit of men.

The Universe converts as it needs.

You have to understand what the need and the position is.

Then Rick adds that in M.Keshe past work M.Keshe has mentioned that our bodies have radioactive substances in order to cut the cell and so on.

The thing is in the Universe, there is a cutting mechanism.

The cutting of the chromosome very simply at 1 higher level.

If you want to cut in the matter world like If you want to cut a bread you use a string, meat you use a knife and so on.

The same principle applies to the Universe.

You use radiation because they are thinner and they can cut through.

The thinner the deviation or devision comes through a lighter radioactive material, it goes through the heavier.

Cesium, we use it.

And it's the same process in the body B-12, you use B-6, you use B-9.

So you have to create a condition in your pipe, for what material you want to produce.

In reality, you dictate.

In Tehran in 2008, I knew I was going to produce protein but the effectiveness which was produced in a way puzzled me.

How easy it was to produce it in a continuous basis.

Because I realize you create a condition of a blood vessel.

The blood vessel, the structure of a blood vessel, is a converter of energy into matter.

This is why no iron crosses the blood and goes on and finds itself in the cells.

The energy of iron, the magnetic-gravitational field of the iron package, transfers through the blood vessel, and then it reduces, it changes the gas into matter and it becomes GANS.

This is exactly how we produced CO2 as a solid state.

So, you produce the same thing through transition of walls different strengths.

In book 5, I explain this in detail.

Like lung and blood, no Oxygen crosses the wall of the lung.

This is a myth, this is like saying that the earth is the center of the Universe.

No oxygens ever crosses the boundary of the lining of the lung.

All that happens, that's why you get CO2.

You breathe in Oxygen, through the same thing as you are doing in that tube, and the material which the lung, you take only Oxygen 16, Carbon is 12.

You only take a Helium factor out in energy level and that energy transfers across the boundary of the wall of the lung into the blood.

And no Oxygen blows into the blood.

All it does, its energy energizes the what we call red blood cells and they become brighter.

Exactly like the way you do the light toning.

You increase the energy, the lights becomes brighter.

This is a misconception and total misunderstanding of modern medicine.

There is no Oxygen crossing your lung.

But remember what happened, because you take a factor of four, out of the Helium out of the Oxygen, what are you left with ?

It's Carbon.

The Carbon binds with 2 Oxygen which has come in, you breathe out CO2, because that's the stability of the magnetic field of the package.

So, no Oxygen ever, ever goes through the wall, because this is nonsense.

You... a molecule, ... the atom is so big, when you breathe in, you breath Carbon, you breathe Nitrogen, you breathe Hydrogen, you breathe anything else as various elements.

So, if a molecule of Oxygen is suppossed to cross the wall of the lung, lighter gases that are smaller, they go through, too!

So, we don't see that.

Our body has our blood which has a specific gravitational-magnetic field for Helium.

It can't stock much energy out of the package, just like you are doing a pot of water, you are doing a boil of water and you just take a cup out of it, you take what you need not the whole lot.

And this is an another misconception and if you understand this and convert it into your pipe which shines, then you understand how you can create different matters in space, you don't need to take anything with you.

I mean, otherwise, we should have more Nitrogen in our blood then anything else, because the air is three-quarters Nitrogen.

Yes, but what is that Nitrogen?

The atomic number of Nitrogen is 7 but the atomic weight is about 14.

What is the atomic number of Oxygen?

The atomic number of Oxygen is 8 but the atomic weight is about 16.

So, how can it stop ... even go for a Carbon, go for a Hydrogen ?

Even if you go for a molecule of Hydrogen, which is in the air we breathe, that should be able to get through the wall of the lung very much easier then the Hydrogen, then the Oxygen.

So, no Oxygen ever crosses the wall of the lung.

No element ever crosses the lung the wall of the blood vessels.

It's the conversion packages... the minute we open the blood and we test it the conversion comes.

That's why always there is Calcium in the blood, there is blah-blah in the blood.

Or there is Zinc in the blood, because there is a blue of the plasma equal to Copper.

When you open the blood, the minute it comes to the atmosphere's touch, it changes to matter.

You understand?

So if you go into the blood vessel, we don't see any red blood, it's colorless.

The minute it comes in touch with the body of the air, we see the color of red.

So, if you have different composition, when your blood comes in touch with the air, it becomes blue, yellow or whatever or green.

If you undersatnd, this is causing a lot of thinking and what I am writing now why we have different blood colors, why shouldn't we be green or blue.

We have animals which have a blue blood in the sea.

The FDA it uses these animals for faster testing of the new pharmaceutical products.

The FDA uses this fish to speed the testing time for new medicines, using this animal.

M.Keshe can not remember the name of this particular fish.

So because of different materials, because that blood has copper in it.

The blood of the fish is blue.

Ours blood has Iron in it so we are red when it comes into interaction wih the air.

So when we see other creatures in the world, in the Universe, which has different composition, like Potassium or Calcium, or whatever else, we see them different colored blood.

That does not mean anything but the other interesting thing is, would we be able to interact and produce offspring of each other?

The red one is stronger and can destroy the other one, so most probably we can never have children with aliens, huh ?

Or not with some of them because their blood is different than ours.

Do you understand?

So these are the things you see if you run your reactor.

These are the things you should watch when you see a glow on your pipe the way you did, try to analyze it, outside the box, in reality, not the way we have been forced to understand it.

Understand the behavior of the plasma, understand the behavior of the Universe, they are all the same, in different scales.

Try to understand the condition, which the material and effect is created.

Then you find you don't need to fight it.

Then it is very easy to do and to replicate it.

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