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Wednesday October 14, 2015


Introducing Cashido's 10 Second Machine Ozone Antibacterial Systems,10 Second Purifier, The Micro Bubble System for ozone purification in your home

By LadyDragon

TAIPEI, Taiwan--( EST, LadyDragon wrote - Now, with Cashido's 10 Second Machine, the general public can finally reap the full benefits of ozone purification while embracing a healthier lifestyle—in just 10 seconds!

For the past 150 years, ozone has been widely used all over the world for water treatment. This is because ozone is an enormously powerful disinfectant and oxidizer that breaks down, or oxidizes, almost anything that it comes into contact with. It can be used for water sanitation, including the disinfecting of municipal water supplies, swimming pools, spas, cooling towers, and sewage-treatment plants. More recently, ozone has begun to be used in food processing for the sanitizing of raw materials and irrigation water, the sanitizing of packaging materials and storage facilities, and the sanitizing of water for recycling.

The multi-award-winning 10 Second Machine from Cashido is very similar to the machines used in cities and municipalities, except it is on a much smaller scale. In fact, it has been specifically designed for use in the home and workplace. Specifically, this machine mixes ozone into water at the faucet to create ozonized water, which can be used to kill bacteria on the surface of food, hands and other objects. Cashido's 10 Second Machine removes over 99 percent of bacteria, including salmonella and e. coli. According to Cashido's certified test results, a 10-second rinse of vegetables and fruits can also remove over 80% of the pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables while helping these food items to stay fresh up to 2-3 times longer.

In addition to killing bacteria, Cashido's system delivers several other benefits. For example, it doesn't create secondary pollution, as typical sanitizers systems do. As a matter of fact, ozone has a half-life of fifteen minutes, so after it has purified food, any remaining molecules break down into standard oxygen. Cashido's 10 Second Machine also prevents mold, foul odors, and mildew buildup in sink drains. What's more, the machine has relatively few mechanical parts and, most importantly, no filters to replace.

This system is also perfect for a shower room. When the 10 Second Machine is used in conjunction with a showerhead, bacteria can be killed on the skin with every shower that a person takes. This makes the system ideal for fighting athlete's foot and dandruff, removing unpleasant odors from the bathroom, and keeping the bathtub or drain area clean.

Cashido offers different water-treatment systems for different needs. The 10 Second Purifier double function system provides both drinking water and water for washing in a single machine.

The Micro Bubble System creates billions of tiny bubbles that can be used in bathtubs, spas, hotels, food processing, wastewater treatment, fisheries, and agriculture. The Micro Bubble Washing System is, in fact, used in professional food processing, and it is ideal for washing highly valuable food items, including delicate bird's nest, medicinal herbs, and snow fungus, among others.

In terms of safety, the 10 Second Machine from Cashido automatically adjusts the ozone output, based on the water flow, which helps in decreasing ozone spillover. This system meets the USA FDA's ozone spillover density standards, and it has been tested by the world's largest accreditation facility—SGS. In addition, Cashido's products are backed by CE, RoHS, and many other International certifications.

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