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Wednesday November 18, 2015


SolarWindow Appoints Curtis Watkins as Vice President, Energy Markets and Utilities

By LadyDragon

Columbia, MD--( EST, LadyDragon wrote - SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WNDW), the leading developer of first-of-their-kind transparent electricity-generating coatings for windows on tall towers and skyscrapers, today announced it has named Curtis Watkins as its Vice President of Energy Markets and Utilities. In this position, Watkins will leverage nearly 10 years of leadership experience in the integration of new energy technologies. He will help lead the company’s continuing efforts to raise awareness for SolarWindow and its build-out strategy for bringing the company’s proprietary SolarWindow™ electricity-generating coatings to market.

Former Duke Energy Veteran and Power Grid Expert to Help Propel Growth of SolarWindow

Curtis Watkins, Vice President of Energy Markets and Utilities, SolarWindow Technologies, Inc.

“As SolarWindow maneuvers through and meets its development goals and further expands and integrates its go-to-market position, we continue to build a strong team of capable and experienced professionals that can boost our growth,” said John A. Conklin, President and CEO, SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. “Curtis’s proven abilities, creative mind and experience with introducing and managing game-changing technologies will help lead the company as we continue to change the way people think about, understand, and approach renewable energy.”

Prior to joining SolarWindow, Watkins served as an expert in evaluating, advancing, and integrating emerging technologies at America’s largest electric power holding company, Duke Energy, where he tenured as Project Manager, Emerging Technologies. He worked with a range of technologies, from smaller-scale applications for individual homes, to larger-scale grid technologies and distributed energy resources. Prior to his joining the Emerging Technology office in 2010, he worked in the IT sector developing secure solutions to allow 3rd party vendors access to sensitive, internal data.

Curtis currently works to help promote clean energy solutions by advising on energy policy frameworks and legislation at the state and federal level.

Additionally, he is Founder and Chairman of the Board of CLT Joules, the leading energy technology accelerator and advocacy in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serves on numerous Boards and committees in the community.

“SolarWindow has a great team in place, and I couldn’t be happier to be working alongside the people that have developed the company and technology to where it is today,” said Watkins. “I especially look forward to the challenges of amplifying the company’s mission to turn skyscrapers and tall towers into power generators.”

SolarWindow™ boasts a calculated and validated financial payback of less than one year, when modeled for a 50-story building, and shows 50 times more energy output than conventional rooftop solar power systems installed on that same building, according to the company’s validated power model. In addition, modeling of a single 50-story installation of the company’s proprietary SolarWindow™ modules is calculated to avoid 2.2 million miles of vehicle pollution, 12 times more than compared to conventional PV modules on that same building rooftop. Additional modeling of the same building could reduce equivalent carbon dioxide emissions of 770 acres of forest, compared to today’s conventional rooftop PV systems at only 20 to 70 acres, according to engineers.

About SolarWindow Technologies, Inc.

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. is a developer of next generation, transparent electricity-generating SolarWindow™ coatings.

SolarWindow™ coatings generate electricity on see-through glass and flexible plastics with colored tints popular to skyscraper glass. Unlike conventional systems, SolarWindow™ can be applied to all four sides of tall towers, generating electricity using natural and artificial light conditions and even shaded areas. SolarWindow™ uses organic materials, which are dissolved into liquid, ideal for low-cost high-output manufacturing; and is the subject of a patent pending technology.

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