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Thursday October 22, 2015


ECOWAY ENERGY Brings Customized Luxury Infrared Heating Panels to Enhance Aesthetic Value in Energy Efficient Manner

By LadyDragon

Nanjing, Jiangsu--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Company has elegantly designed infrared heating panels available in various dimensions that can be used to create a warm and healthy environment inside a room during winters. They have customized infrared heating panels that can enhance the value of the home décor and it consumes very less energy as compared to the traditional heating systems. Available in white, black and red colors, these heating panels can be used to give a new meaning to the personalized artworks that adorn walls of the contemporary homes.

New designer heating panels introduced by ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Co. Ltd help enhance the aesthetic appeal of a built space while it keeps the energy consumption to the lowest level at the same time.

The company boasts of its IR Radiator heater that is energy efficient and eco-friendly and doesn't heat up the environment, but creates a healthy and warm way of living for the mankind. This is the reason why they have heating systems for various applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms and yoga studios. One can find several types of glass infrared heating panels and mirror infrared heating panels etc that can help redefine the visual appearance of a bathroom while creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for an enjoyable shower.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their Glass heater with towel rail is designed for modern bathrooms where one can enjoy a comfortable and healthy way of bath even during chilly winter season. It creates an intense and pleasant warmth feeling and helps floor and walls of the bathroom dry faster. Moreover, the bathroom heating systems are lightweight and are easy to install. Available in several good-looking styles, these bathroom heating panels could be the key to an enjoyable shower and good health.

ECOWAY ENERGY also has an adorable ceiling mounted heater range that can superbly embellish any built space. These mounted heaters are more often used in the yoga studios for creating a comfortable and warm environment for the yoga practitioners. The infrared heating is more suitable for people who want to improve their metabolism, and hence it helps in losing weight. There are several other benefits because of which infrared heaters are used in yoga studios and other places. To know more about these infrared heaters, one may visit the website

About ECOWAY ENERGY Engineering Co. Ltd

ECOWAY ENERGY offers a range of infrared heating systems for domestic as well as public and commercial use. The heating systems are easy to install and can save a significant amount of energy. The company also designs custom infrared heating systems as per the requirements of the clients.

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