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Monday December 19, 2016


LadyDragon exclusive interview with MySight360, the first wearable VR (Virtual Reality) Camera

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote - MySight360 is the first wearable VR Camera with virtual gimbal.

With MySight360 wearable VR (Virtual Reality) Camera, there is no need for for expensive mounts and rigs, it is completely hands-free, just clip it on.

- it weighs 3 ounces with a compact design.

- It is made to endure the harshest outdoor conditions (rain, dust, cold and heat)

- With the advanced built-in horizontal calibration, every video will be amazingly stable without all the dizziness.

Video with the horizontal calibration feature:

- LifeLog feature is a built-in video snapshot function that will automatically record for 10 seconds every 3 minutes, optimizing battery management to last over 15 hours of usage.

With the One-Touch Highlight Video feature, with just one touch, MySight360’s App helps you to quickly create a video that you can share right away.

- Videos are filmed in 4K quality at 240 degrees wide-angle.



Micro-SD (SDXC)


12M Pixels

Output Resolution:

Pan. Photo 4,320 x 2,160

Pan. Video:

4K 30fps (3840x2160)

2.5K 30fps (2560x1440)

FHD 30fps (1920x1080)


240deg fisheye

45deg forward capture

Software OS:

iOS (8.0 or later) / Windows / Mac OS


1.81" X 0.8" 3.68"

3.17 oz

Watch Mode:

360deg Video

VR Goggle


70 mins (4K quality)

15 hours (LifeLog mode)

LadyDragon exclusive interview with M. Wei-Chih Chen (Chen) Director of Marketing at


LadyDragonYour technology stands out from what you have explained in this way; we take the advantage of 240 fisheye lens view angle, so when we do the image drwarping, we could according to each frame's gyro/g-sensor to compensate the image roll/yaw/pitch. That will make the video keep stable when movement.

Any detail you want to add that ?


(For horizontal calibration technology)

*This technology was based on 360video's feature. (The video from 2D flat become 3D ball shape)*

*Then, you can adjust image horizontal line without cropping image. *

*(In 2D image, you need crop picture to adjust horizontal line, in 3D ball shape image, you just need rotate the ball image)*


Do we have the option to have continuous video?


Of course we have.

The ideal operation process is wearing MySight360 with lifelog mode.

Then user finds a landmark and manually taking video for 5~30 seconds.

After it, MySight360 continue lifelog function.

(Yes, user can interrupt lifelog function)


As for the battery you said it is fixed but are we going to have the option the change or have a more powerful one in the future ?


So far, we do not have the plan to extend the power.

We think light weight is critical for wearable device.

(If user really need more power, MySight360 can work with additional power bank)


How dark can we film plus are you planning to have the option where we can film at night like the stars or objet in the sky.


It is not that good at low light scenario.

In kickstarter campaign page, we provide video on street at night, but to film stars is too hard for a

wearable camera like MySIght360.


Are we going to be able to record sounds ?


Ans: Yes, MySight360 can record sounds!

(There is a mic on MySight360)


Whats the range of temperature it can withstand.


As far as you seeing, MySight360 is still a prototype.

In our original design, Lifelog function will always keep some temperature and power in MySight360

(It can work more than 10 hrs, so user should turn on it from a warm place)

Then, we can avoid cold start issue.

Actually, to work under low temperature is a complex issue.

In prototype stage, we cannot provide too much guarantee.


I also see great potential for your device as a personal security camera, have considered it ?


Yes, we are planning for it.

If you like the Mysight360 VR Camera technology and you want to see it come to light, I invite you to visit their Kickstarter campaign site

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