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Tuesday March 07, 2017


Spacemap Introduces Beoncam - The World's First Smart Wearable Watch With a Removable, ALWAYS ON 360° Panoramic/190° Hemispheric Camera

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( 07/03/17--5.011am EST, LadyDragon wrote - Beoncam is built with an ALWAYS ON, one-click system that provides up to 3 hours of continuous recording and a standby time of 4 days, users will never miss opportunities to capture and share important moments in time.

Housed in an elegantly designed, sleek wristband, Beoncam is removable for use with other accessories to expand its usability along with a user's creativity.

Beoncam, which also acts as a sleek and desirable timepiece, equally plays the role of a second notification screen for users' smartphones.

The Indiegogo campaign at, which has a funding goal of $30,000 USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $99.00 USD (60% off retail) and several other rewards for early backers.

Beoncam, which comes with a free-to-download, intuitive companion app for iOS and Android, allows users to easily access and remotely control the 360° camera, as well as immediately view and share captured images and videos.

As Beoncam's lens is design as 190°, captured images will be in a circular form, however, with the companion app, users will be able to experience the full 360° effect.

Supported shooting modes include: burst, time lapse and loop recording.

The compact image and video file size enables users to instantly share images and videos via their smartphone to apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.

With Beoncam, users can also live stream video directly to their smartphone.

Beoncam features a lightweight, compact and splash-proof design that can be mounted on a variety of accessories to maximize its usage.

These include: a wrist strap and strap ring, a cradle with a tripod adapters mount, a bicycle handlebar ring, a flat clip, a helmet clip, a USB cable, a lens cloth and a carry pouch.

The splash-proof design enables water lovers to capture footage without worry, and a fully waterproof casing can be purchased separately for $19.99 USD to allow recreational divers to take video or photos up to 6m deep.

Key Features:

One-click ("On/Off," "Photo" or "Video") system

Image capture: 2592 x 1920 (5MP)

Video capture: 1200 x 1200, 25fps

Live Previewing: 720p, 15fps

Compact: 46.6mm x 24.5mm

Lightweight: 55g


Gyro Sensor: orients the position of the camera when a photo is taken

Wireless Tech:

Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz, 802.11b/g/n

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0

"With Beoncam, we wanted to create wearable technology that plays a meaningful part in people's lives," said Rick Wong, director, Spacemap. "Because it's always on, users can truly tell their stories - anytime, anywhere - and all without having to carry around bulky pieces of equipment. The wide range of features offered with Beoncam emphasizes our commitment to seamlessly working in all aspects of people's daily living, whether it's leisure time or during physical activity."

About Spacemap

Founded in 2015, Spacemap is an innovative startup based in Singapore developing panoramic, hemispheric and spherical imaging technologies (with corresponding hardware and applications). Its flagship product, Beoncam, is a removable, ALWAYS ON 360° panoramic/190° hemispheric camera that allows users to spontaneously capture unexpected moments that they can relive or share with friends and family. For more information, visit

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