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Saturday July 23 , 2011


James Wade wins over Adrian Lewis at the 2011 World Matchplay of Darts.

By LadyDragon

BLACKPOOL, England--( Wade wins 17-6 legs over Adrian Lewis and will face Phil Taylor in the Final.

Adrian throwing first, James ahead missed and Adrfian failed to caitalize on it there fore he lossesd his leg, 1-0. James confidant hits his D20 for a 2-0 lead. Adrian barely wins hiue firsdt leg 2-1. They both hold going into the interval. James lead 3-2

James continue to lead in the second internal.

James on fire, holds, hits the bull's eye and holds for a 8-4 lead. Like yesterday James missies the D20 but Adrain fai8lled to capitolized on it and pays the price, 9-4 James. Again James missed the D20 but gets to D10 for a 10-4 lead.

James comes back from the intrval wina leg win and almost broke Adrian's throw.. D20 missed again but gets D10 for 12-6 lead. Agian James misses the D20 and D10 but gets the D5 for a commanding lead of 13-6 over Adrian. James playing with fire now, misses again D20 and Adrian steals the leg, 13-7.

James knows it is his win and runs with it with a 17-6 wins.

Like yesterday James came in front and ran with it.

James will face Phil in the Final.

James Wade wins over Raymond Van Barneveld at the 2011 World Matchplay of Darts.




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