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Tuesday April 16, 2013


Keshe: LadyDragon attends M.Keshe second Study Group

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -LadyDragon attends M.Keshe the second session which was held on Wednesday night Aprill 10, 2013, it lasted over 2 hours.

In this session you have a mix of everything.

M.Keshe tells us what good and not so good to do concerning building the sysytem.

M.Keshe goes further and deeper into his knowledge in order to teach us medicine and nutrition as well.

Plus he talks to us about his new revolutionary Keshe Power Cell.

LadyDragon Radio Show: M.Keshe second Study Group session#2

Every article that LadyDragon has wrote on M.Keshe can all be found in this specific section called Keshe Foundation on her site.

LadyDragon has organized groups of people that wants to learn the teaching of M.Keshe and that wants to build a system as well.

If you are interested in building power source for yourself please email LadyDragon your phone number if you are in the US and Canada, if not send LadyDragon your Skype

This session starts with M.Keshe observing and asking questions to Ludmil about his system.

- He asked if he acheived plasma and Ludmil said no.

- M.keshe then talked about 2 groups that have acheived production of energy.

M.Keshe then explained that UV light can not acheived scintillation the way it was showed by Ludmil.

- Extreme UV, soft X-ray is the only way in the situation that can acheive ionization and plasma.

- Glass not very recommended when you want to acheive vacuum, it will crack.

- Motor inside the jar not a good idea

- M.Keshe advised again to not use power supply, because in a nucluar structure you have a more powerful supply then this.

- M.Keshe explains why the Earth is blue

- Scintillation is for separation of 2 plasmas

- Misconception is to use radiation material to start the plasma

- Soft X-rays is used for Ionization

- Ionization means separating different package of energy.

Once you have separated, you have to insulate which one you need, if you need a stronger one like an Electron package or a Proton package.

- Plasma has no lights inside it

- Plasma technology is to get inside a solar system.

- To create plasma you need space level material

- People have not been able to do it therefore they say our system is not working but it is not true beside the Iranians have done it because they have learned to understand the new materials.

- M.Keshe has extensive knowledge in that area that's why no one has been able to do it and keeps saying that M.Keshe system is not working.

It is not true our system is working perfectly.

- Step 1 you create your system

- Step 2 you create vaccum

- Step 3 you create ionization

- Step 4 entering the plasma

- Iranians have understood that concept and that why we see so many advance Spaceship technologies from them

- Look inside and you will see the light

- M.Keshe explains that there is no blood in the brain, all the blood vessels are the boundaries.

The brain absorbs the energy of the blood that it needs to function.

That is why you have different softness in the brain because each part takes what it need to fonction.

That is why you do not see muscles in the brain.

- It is is like I explained before no Oxygen crosses the lungs wall

- No matter ever crosses, only energy cross and then in a specific way in the blood when certain packages cross they converted into a GANS and then thats how we get physicality.

It is not the material, it is the conversion of energy into a Gas in an nano state GANS gas in asolid matter

This is why our body is superconductive, whatever we touch we feel.

- You do not have nerves all over your body but the second you touch the wind you feel it.

Because the body material is in a Gans state and it is super super conductive.

Ludmil asked if glass is not the way to go, copper is ?

M.Keshe said skins

-We are trapped in the world of physicality

This is one of the problem

We are too materialistic and we are still looking into materials physicality

When in fact physicality is a temporary state but the Universe exists in all dimensions and in all levels

- This is why talks like this and practical conditions like this opens up the science in a very soft and slow way for others to understand.

When people and scientists, all over the world read and listen to this gathering they will know where they went wrong.

Where the whole science as gone wrong.

At this present time the science of medicine is still in dark ages because they are working on the theory of Oxygen is crossing the lung.

M.Keshe explained in detail in the first Study Group why Oxygen never crosses the lung.

LadyDragon Article and Radio Show: ---> LadyDragon attends M.Keshe first Study Group

- The reason M.Keshe is so cautious it is because like the guy who said the planet was round got killed .

M.Keshe said they will hang me.

- That is why it is important for people to understand why Oxygen does not cross the blood wall.

LadyDragon then asked M.Keshe how to make electricity, is it the plasma that does it ?

Redefine what is electicity.


Energy in a small package that is in motion.

If you go to the market inside you bags of have carrots or spinach.

Does not matter what you need, first you need to find away inside the bag to get to the vegetable.

Look inside your body it is the most powerful reactor inside you.

- Why we have different colors in the Universe.

M.Keshe said : I can show you everything that you want to see but then people don't understand them then I become crucified.

And the ones that thinks, they know now, tells us that we are wrong because they do not understand.

- We have to allow the growth of the culture and the intelect.

- Schizophrenia is not a disease.

- Ladydragon asked does garlic create a condition to heal ourself

M.Keshe said yes and no

Looks at plants and life on earth.

We have root, herbs, schrubbs then you have trees.

Why do we eat herbs and roots ?

Why do we get so much direct energy from fruits that are hanging on the tree ?

The reason is, our body is created from the earth, materials within inside the earth.

The Plants that are short and close to the ground they absorb more fields from the earth coming up.

So they are much stronger packages.

The apple on the tree absorbs more energy which is coming from the sun which is not so much related to us as a phisical side on earth.

So the root absorbs more of the magnetic gravitational field of the earth coming up then the trees.

So we say the roots and herbs are good for us us why ?

Because they absorbs more of what we are made of physically.

Because you are connected to the same process

If we look at what we called Keshe Power Cell

We have the technology where you will see soon in the market hopefully within the next 12 months.

We will replace the present solar system, I spoken about this and I showed it in some presentation.

This system sits on the ground and it creates more energy at night then in the daytime

You create 3 time more energy at night then when you need it then during the daytime.

Why ?

Because earth radiate energy upward and we are next to it.

The solar system and the solar panel only absorbs what comes out of the sun.

In fact we have created a system which is a copy of the earth

We absorbs energy

Energy coming out of the earth is 24 hours a day.

- Plasma is DC not AC

- Our tools has to be change

- Peanut size reactor lasting 30 years

- Elecktor backing down

- All GANS are super conductor

- M.Keshe explains the differences between clouds.

- When M.Keshe does an MIR on someone, he can see how much they suffred just by looking at the structure of their brain.

- M.Keshe explains the Keshe Foundation structure

- M.Keshe explains why he left Belgium

- M.Keshe advice to read the patent with the knowledge he just gave us

- M.Keshe has reactors for Agriculture, Space, Medicine, Materials, all in the same lab but on different table.

M.Keshe aims to share his knowledge that why he gives it for everyone to read.

Patent #1 PDF file -126 pages

M.Keshe said that now since we are out on Belgium we can share more knowledge with everyone.

LadyDragon has organized groups of people that wants to learn the teaching of M.Keshe and that wants to build a system as well.

If you are interested in building power source for yourself please email LadyDragon your phone number if you are in the US and Canada, if not send LadyDragon your Skype

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LadyDragon Article and Radio Show: ---> LadyDragon attends M.Keshe first Study Group

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