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Sunday April 21, 2013


Keshe: M.Keshe shows his reactor at the World Peace Treaty Conference for the Keshe Foundation

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -For the first time, M.Keshe unveils his non nuclear reactor for us to see after explanning his World Peace plan.

It is the most advance Reactor that the Keshe Foundation have ever developed, it is 30 years of research.

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The World Peace Treaty lecture and presentation

M.Keshe helded this morning the World Peace Treaty conference in Brescia, Italy at the Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel. started at 10 am EST on Sunday April 21, 2013

- M.Keshe explaned the World Peace Treaty

- Earth without men is a beautiful and peaceful place in the Universe it is the men that has created a hoorible to live today.

- Change is needed it is World Peace not by talk but by actions.

- Through new understanding of the structure of Plasma and their interactions in the creation of matter and motion most of man's hunger for energy and food, water and wealth can be satisfied.

- No more excuse to start a fight

- This will take time to happened

- We give you to resources of the Universe not the planet

- Poor people will benefit from this technology more then everybody else

- We need a new understanding of the World of Creation

- The new Plasma Technology can create a new era for humanity with peace, prosperity mutual respect

- The new Plasma Technology can bring effective solutions for: Energy, Food, Water, Health, Transport and New Materials.

- Due to the Magnetic-Gravitational fields of the new Plasma Technology, M.Keshe has rendered the arsenal of the military complex obsolete

- The New Plasma Technology brings about a new method for creation of cheap and clean energy, a new type of electicity production

- Marine transportation is over, no more pollution of the sea

- Shipping will now have a new meaning, the same goes for food and production

- The New Plasma Technology makes production of water possible anywhere in the Universe

- Plus health optimazation as well

- The New Plasma Technology can clean environmental pollution and water

- With The New Plasma Technology new materials can be produced everywhere in the Universe.

- New materials can create new technologies and products as well.

- M.Keshe biggest message to the world Leaders that he has spoken to is embrace the new technologies and your people will thank you forever.

- The New Plasma Technology brings about the devlopment of of new transportation systems based on magravs positioning like; flying cars, bus and faster planes.

- M.Keshe is now negotiation with Africa in order to biult a new railway system where it will not damage the forest and the land land.

Click below below to see all the applications of the New Plasma Technology

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- The Keshe Foundation has already shared it's technology with the powerful countries on Earth and covers over 70% of the world population's goverment.

- The Keshe Foundation's Mission is to share knowledge and prosperity, stop conflict and respect for life anywhere in the Universe becasues we are NOT alone in the Universe.

-Earth Peace treaty through the implications of the New Plasma Technology.

We are talking about World peace because we have the tools to inforce it.

We are now in talk with 6 nations for the full commercialization of the tecknology.

The replacement of tools of war with new tools of peace.

Jo, from Malta who is part of LadyDragon's world team that are building power source through out the world, flew to Italy to show M.Keshe what he has done.

After that M.Keshe shows his reactor in public for the first for us to see.

The next time M.Keshe wants to show us what we called flying saucer.

Click here to view the Presentation

Click here to see M.Keshe Reactor unveiled at the World Peace Treaty Conference for the Keshe Foundation

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