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Saturday March 23, 2013


LadyDragon Radio Show: LadyDragon talks about Roseanne, Hollywood and M.Keshe

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -Today LadyDragon talks about Roseanne Barr plus how Hollywood is not has it seams plus the creation of M.Keshe power source and more.

LadyDragon Radio Show: Message of the day plus a recap of the news for March 23, 2013

- Angels Movies

- Hollywood Boulevard

- TV Shows

- Women does need slaves to any men or any religions

- Montreal is the best place in the world for women to live

- A Woman in Montreal can choose to marry a Woman or a Man as she wishes then by law muss retain her last name

LadtDragon said the Montreal is the best place for a woman to live and is why she is living tyhere

- L is an expert of every tv show that has strong and positive role model womaen character like;

starting with Lindsay Wagner from the Bionic Woman

Charlie's Angels - Kate Jackson, Farrah Faccett, Jacklyn Smith

Farrah Fawcett

Rosie getting on The View

- Roseanne

- Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women

- Sam just Jumped!

- M.Keshe - LadyDragon's new Keshe Foundation section

- Designing Women

-TV section shows coming soon.

- Mary Tyler Moore first woman to wear

- Barbara Eden

- Dynasty- Joan Collins, Emma Samms from General Hospital

- Eva Langoria came from the Young and the Restless to go to Desperate Housewivves

- Roseanne Barr

- Delta Burke from Designing Women

- Tip my hat to Madame Roseanne Barr :)

- Sam flying around :)

- Roseanne TV show

- Roseanne in Montreal at St-Denis theater

- LadyDragon talking to Roseanne :)

- Doctor P from Aircrap

- Roseanne impress LadyDragon with

- Valerie Harper

- Finole Huges from General Hospital

- Amada Tapping from

- Rookie Blue

- Arrow

- The Good Wife

- Lost Girl

- Revenge

- Castle

- Primeval

- Covert Affairs

- Burned Notice

- Sharon Gless - Cagney and Lacey

- Queer as Folks

- The L World

- Fame - Jeniffer

- The Neighbors

- Nigel Farage in London

- Maria Sharapova

- M.Keshe - LadyDragon's new Keshe Foundation section

- Madonna

- Vogue at the Super Bowl

- Roseanne

-Dr.Steven Greer April 22 movie Sirus

- Aliens Technologies

- M.Keshe - LadyDragon's new Keshe Foundation section

- Arsonal of Aliens Technologies


South Africa people please contact Victor if you want to create a Power Source

LadyDragon Article ---> Keshe: Update on Signing of the World Peace Treaty

LadyDragon Article - Radio Show ---> Keshe: LadyDragon Lesson 01 about how to built a Power Source

LadyDragon's new Keshe Foundation section

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