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Sunday May 26, 2013


LadyDragon attends M.Keshe third Study Group

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -LadyDragon attends M.Keshe third session which was held on Wednesday night May 22, 2013, it lasted over 2 hours.

Below are the key subjects that was discussed

- M.Keshe explains the coating of the reactor.

- The body of a human is the best vaccum system.

- M.Keshe says that the colored Rainbow that LadyDragon's explain is good and more.

- LadyDragon asked if we can create an organic reactor like with Hemp or Clay.

- M.Keshe explains that a fruit is a solar system.

- The condition can be created inside and outside.

- LadyDragon ask about the water of a coconut.

- B12 is the most reactive element that we can swallow.

- The reactor that you are building is not a generator but a receiver.

- M.Keshe explains the founding of the Malta Keshe Foundation.

- M.Keshe said that we will see great things coming out soon from Bulgaria. Malta and Japan.

- M.Keshe said thank you to all the people that help him when his website was under attack.

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- M.Keshe explains how the Belgium Police tried to kill him.

- M.Keshe makes a breaking news announcement about Japan.

- Poland reactor was a use leap.

LadyDragon Article ---> Keshe: Poland joins the Keshe Foundation SpaceShip Program and shows their reactor

- The Keshe Foundation work has become a competition between the government and the public.

- In a Plasma everything is DC.

- M.Keshe answers questions about Sun.

- Rick shows a magnet experiment.

- M.Keshe is giving us an update on the manufacturing of the reactor.

LadyDragon Radio Show: M.Keshe second Study Group session#3

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