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Thursday February 28, 2013


Announcement about the delivery of the Keshe Foundation Generators

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -M.Keshe latest information on the shipping of the Sale of Keshe Foundation 3-4 KW and 10 KW Plasma Power Generators.

As we promised we will try to let you know about the technology and delivery of the Keshe Foundation Generator.

As we try to keep our reactor development on time and keep in line with our research, we have been unable to deliver the generator due to two points.

The first was that we were restricted in delivering the original generators which were using nuclear base materials.

After the Foundation meeting resistance from government officials and organizations in Belgium and final confiscation of laboratory materials and destruction of materials by them, which we even had to pay for their destruction and in this process they trying to stop us from delivering systems, the Foundation was foreseeing such a move and started new development of new types of reactor which could by pass any governmental restrictions.

To stop the same to happen to the generators being delivered to our clients through and due to use of nuclear materials restriction, the Foundation brought its research in advance reactor into operation in late September.

This meaning that we went step further and started development of the what we call the seventh generation reactors, which these systems do not use nuclear materials and allow new plasmatic systems to be used.

These reactors were tested last year and we were ready to produce the seventh generation systems reactors for late last year and early this year.

In final tests of these reactors we have found failures with vacuum seal mechanism during the energy production and it has taken longer than we estimated to correct the maul functioning of the sealing systems of the reactor.

We assessed that these problems with seals will be eradicated and be solved by early this years and we will be able to deliver the systems on time.

After re-designing the seals mechanism, we are behind in testing of these new seal systems and they should have been ready for test by Mid-February.

Due to delivery from suppliers for some parts of the new seal systems we are behind the testing and releasing the generators.

Once we receive the newly manufactured parts in the second week of March from the manufactures: It will take us another 15 to 30 days to test and finally release the generators.

It has to be said that Foundation has only received less than 150 deposits for generators, which this even does not justify production cost of systems on commercial bases.

But as we have promised and we are fine-tuning the systems and will deliver the less than 150 units to whom placed the orders for them.

Therefore it is up on you whom have ordered to make a decision if you like to wait for the final testes or recall your deposits and the Foundation within 30 days of your request will transfer the founds back to the account which the founds was originally received from.

We are not happy with the situation, but there were situations which we could not work under and deliver systems which were going to be confiscated, or to be recalled.

There has been physical practical damage to the seals due to operation and it had to be corrected and these failures could not be foreseen and now new systems for correcting this failure has been developed and are getting manufactured and being in the process of being assembled and we start test in the next 15 days.

We are very optimistic that this will solve the seal problem and allows us to deliver systems without failure.

These seals were not needed for nuclear based systems and now we have to use them for the non-nuclear systems and problem were not foreseen.

The damage comes through usage and thus it had to be corrected.

I hope those whom ordered understand and we leave the decision up on you to recall your deposit or allow us to correct the systems that we can deliver a full working system to you.

M T Keshe, On behalf of the Keshe Foundation


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