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Tuesday September 18, 2012


Sale of Keshe Foundation 3-4 KW and 10 KW Plasma Power Generators

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( free energy technology coming soon.

LadyDragon's new Keshe Foundation section

Here are all the information that you need for ordering your new Plasma Power Generetors.

As has been explained on the Keshe Foundation forum - link - Stichting the Keshe Foundation to support the setting up of its International Space Institute from today proceeds with the commercialisation of its power generators.

We initially offer 10 000 units of 3-4 KW AC/DC and 1000 units of 10 KW AC/DC portable domestic Keshe electric power generators.

We are planning to allow the use of these initial units to be in the motor cars as well as for the house.

Thus we have entered the energy power supply in its true sense and we will deliver the units that will be more powerful that can be used in the house or in the electric cars which will never need charging and there will be no limitation of their use and mileage that car power supply will not need re-charging and there is no need for battery in the car.

This allowing the use of DC and AC motors or combination of booth from the supply for more powerful systems.


- 3-4 KW AC/DC units : € 5 000

- 10 KW AC/DC units : € 20 000


- Read the FAQ about these generators.

- Forum topic and other questions.

- Read more about our Energy Technology

How to make a reservation?

- Reservation for the 3-4 KW AC/DC units can now be made through this pdf

- Reservation for the 10 KW AC/DC units can now be made through this pdf

About the Keshe Fondation

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