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Thursday March 28, 2013


Keshe: Update on the World Peace Treaty

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote -After M.Keshe spoked from his heart on how to bring Peace to this Planet, this is what he had to say.

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M.Keshe; for you to read

If we are going to answer all these in full, these will take a life time.

But in short

1. How we will transition from an Earth based existence to a universally based existence - what concrete steps need to be taken?

If we all understand the implication of it?

very easy.

If we get blocked by governments, then the situation will be very harsh as we have experience before and the situation will worse than the Second World War, that is why we try to carry the governments with us.

People who understand will rise against their government and government will try to hold on to powers, but this time, the people will have the new technology more advance than their government, then the worst play will come to forth.

That is why we try to get governments and people to commit themselves to peace that in eventuality of any mishaps, the solution through peaceful mean can be found.

2. What are the pros and cons of Man becoming a fully fledged member of the Universal community?

We already are, but we have not been aware of it, as DNA was part of us and we did not know it as we did not have the tools to understand and observe it. That is why we try to give the tools of technology to all at once.

Now you may understand why we have worked this way.

3. Are we going to have a decision whether we can stay on Earth and in the form of the Human body (or is the Human body now redundant for the perspective of where and how we will fit in with the Universal community)?

As nowadays you make a decision to stay in your beautiful country of USA and not go and live in Tehran for example, the choice will be the same, some will go and some stay, but now as we have seen before, we will start seeing them among us too as now the trip will be openly both ways.

We have opened a Pandora box that those whom understand will enjoy this reunion and exchanges.

4. If we desire, can Man stay on Earth, or is that an option that is no longer going to be available (will the planet Earth as we know it cease to exist in the near future)?

What do you think! this is time of freedom of travel not on earth alone, but at the same time the universe.

Do not be afraid put a foot out and it is so beautiful and joyful, that coming back home will be a drag.

5. Is there a form of "governance" in the Universal community,

Yes, we will introduce this later when the man is ready.

The universe has unwritten rules which is so basic and correct that does not need be written.

This is Like its language and ethic, which the man has no comprehension of it as of yet.

or will it be primarily self-governance,

Self-regulatory, but at the same time those who trespass shall find out soon where they have gone wrong.

Or will we be obliged to follow the dictates of potentially "wiser, stronger and more knowledgeable"

Choice is yours, as in the universe as we travel from one country to another nowadays.

In the universal community there are those whom understand more and travel universes rather than inside one universe, so they teach new laws which in our universe have no meaning at the time, but in the future the system will open more of each universe to all its inhabitance.

In time these inter universal messengers will bring new laws to man and this universe that now is beyond the man’s understating.

We cover all, but we teach according to the level of understanding of time and age and the creatures.

One learns more from those whom have learned more from the universe, there are no higher or lower, but who is visor to use the same knowledge to understand more of the creation.

Universal entities, therefore taking on the "serfdom “status once again, yet simply on a larger scale?

Depends what you mean by this and how you allow it.

one allows to be ruled and become another entities or being subject, otherwise we are all the same.

I exist in this body of the man for the time needed and then I carry the knowledge I learned from here to another as my wisdom, this does not mean I can become slave to man or to another creation, but in all times of my physicality my soul from the birth is aware of the final destiny of the body to be messenger and in time even different souls occupy the same physicality as the physicality become mature for it final soul.


These I have explained in the book of the Soul book 9

6. What will life be like, when we become fully universal in scope?

Free and joyful, if man brings world peace in the short time and we will show you the true paradise

7. Will it happen in 2, 5, or 10 years - (I think it will happen within 2 years)?

Present and now

8. Do we need to fully understand Mr. Keshe's technology and learn of our true power (lost abilities and lost history of who and why we are) of our thoughts before we become members of the Universal community,

They are friends and been among us for a long time, they would have enslaved long time before if this was the aim.

We have been blind in science to see them, now that the secret has gone, and the knowledge of man is reaching the point to be able to interact and live amongst the universal community. We welcome you if you welcome yourselves to peace, this is the only condition.


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