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Thursday July 17, 2014


Industrial Revolution: "Crius" Feature Site and In-Development Video Launched in Support of July 22 Release

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( EST, LadyDragon wrote - We just launched a feature site for the July 22nd Crius release for EVE Online and an accompanying in-development video that highlights the biggest changes coming to industry and manufacturing within gaming's most dynamic and player-driven economy in EVE's 11 years.

As the fuel that powers the "infernal machine" of harvesting, creation and destruction, the industry changes will catalyze player-driven action, create new opportunities for veterans and new players alike, and most likely start some good old-fashioned space conflict.

Click the image below for the In-Development video

The direct link to the video:

The in-depth feature site showing the changes coming to EVE Online in Crius can be found here:

Recent developer blogs detailing Crius, as well as a few more on the way, are available at

As always, gamers can try EVE for free for 14 days at or via an active player’s invite for a 21-day trial.

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