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Monday June 25, 2012


Uranus square Pluto - Archons Activity

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--( latest information about what is going on around the world.

This is what Cobra said to LadyDragon today;

There is no need for war. If focused and well prepared action is taken, it can be done peacefully, please read my article;

I would like to bring to your attention that this Sunday, June 24th, was the exact time of Uranus-Pluto square, a very powerful astrological alignment that brings much tension into the air.

This influence is most intense in the time window between June 21st and June 28th. This is the timeframe that major non-physical Archons set for the beginning of a violent revolution and civil war. They are hoping to spread this worldwide to create chaos in order to help their physical counterparts hide away from the mass arrest sweeps. That will not help them, even if they try to hide in Uganda. Rest assured that the Light forces know where they are in every moment.

This Archons’ plan will not come to fruition as there are higher positive forces preventing this. Know that non-physical Archons and their minions are behind most violent acts on this planet and they will not be able to initialize this as they are losing power daily.

Goddess wants peace. And peace shall come.

There is hidden war now taking place in Pentagon. The dark Cabal tried to infiltrate the Positive Military group to stop the mass arrests but this is currently successfully being dealt with. This was one of the main reasons for delays that frustrated so many people.

Stardust 2 is a defence and not an attack weapon. It will be activated only to prevent the Cabal from doing harm at the time of the Event. This technology can be activated on a distance with a precision of about one millionth of a millimeter. It will be targeted specifically to the neurotransmitters in nerve cells in the bodies of the members of the Cabal. This technology is very target - specific and no innocent individual will be harmed in any way.

Taking certain hard-core members of the Cabal into the Galactic Central Sun is healing, not punishment. Some of them have been damaged beyond repair. They have rejected the Light completely and this is the only way to deal with the situation. They will not feel any pain while being disintegrated. They will simply be gone forever.

Regardless of the events in the next few days, please remain calm, but alert.

Archons and their minions will try to provoke you. It is natural and human to feel anger, fear, doubt or impatience. But do not act on it. Just calmly observe your emotions, take a few breaths, maybe play your favourite song and then decide how to act.

Do not engage in violence, whether physical (rioting, violent revolution) or verbal (attacking messengers on the internet, hateful comments to anyone, relationship quarrels). Violence will NOT solve our problems. Clearly planned and focused action will.

Focus instead on beauty, nature, meditation. Find calmness within. And when you need to act, act from that calmness.


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About Cobra

Cobra surfaced in March and since then has grown in popularity due to Cobra extensive knowledge about THE EVENT and the Aliens.

Cobra is an incarnated Pleiadian and is part The Resistance

Cobra interview with Lisa Harrison

InLight Radio Stephen Cook interview with Cobra

Cobra and Cobra

About Drake

For those who are not familiar with Drake, Drake is a military gentleman that was chosen by the good people of the Pentagon to represent them to explain to the world what they are presently doing.

The world has we know now is run by criminels that will be remove very soon with a process that is called THE EVENT..

Drake's mission is to inform all of us as news can be released.

His new website is very welcome since he will be able to give updates directly to his subscribers on his site American National Militia

About LadyDragon

Internationally known over 175 countries as the woman expert of the industry because of LadyDragon in depth knowledge on all the facets of the industry which include the PC, the Video and the Wireless. Now with the new Xbox 360 that just came out and the PlayStation 3 coming to the market to choose from plus with the PC upgrading all the time and adding more hardware and accessories to play with not counting that everything is moving to become wireless people all over the world relies on her expertise in order to get the true facts and information that they need for their purchases or their knowledge.

Since now everything or anyone that is successful will become or be in a game sooner or later LadyDragon brings you powerful interviews like the one with Dalene Kurtis and Craig Lieberman from the Fast and Furious movie and the 2 exclusives with Joanie Laurer formerly know as Chyna from the WWF ( World Wrestling Federation).

Plus special report like being at the Playboy Mansion when Playboy unveiled their new video game

LadyDragon takes great pride in discovering new products, companies and people that are unknown and giving them a chance to be heard like the company Strategy First then was not known but now Strategy First is known as one of the best company in the world who develops strategy games.

Click here to listen to LadyDragon's radio appearance where she was talking about video games.

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LadyDragon has a new website called Free Canada Movement 2012




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