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Sunday November 18, 2012


Gaza under attack from Israel Day 5 plus latest update from Harry Fear

MONTREAL--( 1.17 pm EST, LadyDragon wrote -This is a brief resume of everything that has happened since my last report yesterday plus latest update from Harry Fear Live from Gaza today.

CEASEFIRE now in effect between Israel and Hamas; People celebrating in Gaza

Breaking News - Tuesday 3.pmEST >Anonymous leaks personal information of 35,000 Israeli officials and "Their Friends"

Latest News; Gaza Under attack; Ceasefire Conference to be announce

Latest LadyDragon Article --->Monday 12.37amEST--Israel attacks again the Journalists in Gaza who are trying to report the truth

LadyDragon Article --->Monday 1.49amEST--Gaza under attack from Israel plus video of the attack of the press office

First let start by explaining that all of this started when Isreal decided to murdered The Hamas Commander who were en route carring a draft of a Permanent Truce.

Just hours before Israel assassinated the Hamas Commander Ahmed Jabari on Tuesday, November 14, according to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, M. Jabari just received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip.

Below is the video of Israel killling the Hamas Commander.

This was no accident.


After this assasination of M. Jabari, Israeli peace negotiator Gershon Baskin said Jabari's assassination "killed the possibility of achieving a truce."

Gilad Shalit, says Israel made a mistake that will cost the lives of 'innocent people on both sides.'

After all this Gaza retalliated by sending rockets towards Israel then a full war attacked came raining down on Gaza which started Wednesday night.

At this present time, NOTHING is being done to stop this genocide of the defenceless people and animals in Gaza plus the non stop destruction of their home and infrastructure an environment.

This has to STOP NOW.

I want everyone that are reading my reports to first start monitoring all the feeds that I have put on my sites as I find more I will post them or email it to me if you find more.

Monitor specialy the Harry Fear feed because this young brave man is sitting in the middle of this wars and reporting everything.

Sunday 12.45pmEST- I just called Harry and this is what he had to say about the overnight attacks.

He told me that they attacked twice the the press building injuring, when I was monitoring we heard it last night the first attack

Saturday night 7.51pmEST - Two children killed in airstrike on house in Gaza city, 6 journalists injured on building for media office

Harry said that 8 press people were injured and one had to have one of his leg emputed.

Second most important event happened was the massacre against Ad-Dalouh Family by the Israel's military forcesand 14 people killed.

Harry Fear Live Stream in Gaza - Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - RT Gaza Live Streaming - Reuter Gaza Live Streaming

Second we the PEOPLE need to take actions in order to make this stop.

I want everyone and I mean everyone specialy the people of the US because the US is giving over 8 millions dollard to Israel per day.

Called your elected official and demand for them to TAKE ACTION NOW and to get this attack on Gaza to STOP please.

Plus I have noticed that in the Western so called media that they are not reporting to truth so please called your local newspaper and TV station give them videos and pictures so they know exactly what is going on please.

Plus a good way to get the attention of the media in your area is to organize gathering like my friend Lindsay did yesterday

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.10pmEST > Emergency Rally Pictures For #GazaUnderAttack - Edmonton, Canada from my friend Lindsay

Updated number

Sunday morning 11.23amEST.

Over 950 air strikes done by Israel IDF in the last 5 days.

650 injuries and 70 killed.

50% of those killed were women and children.

Latest News this morning

This morning latest new is that Israel has schools and refuge camp therefore Anonimous has restarted their attack on Israel websites.

Just heard also that Hamas was able to shot down a Apache Helicopter.

Ships are now attack Gaza.

Media building got attack twice it started late yesterday night.

People bringing water truck are being targeted.

12.13amEST - Harry just reported that he want as well people to take ACTION he just gave this website for the UK people

12.09amEST - Anonymous is fed up as well just got report from Harry that they have detail information on over 5000 Israel official, I will do an article on it after am finish with this one.

12.03amEST - Just reported that a unborned child just died inside of her or his mom due to the attack of the refuge camp

11.53amEST - Tel Aviv being hit by rocket because of all of the attack this morning that I have just told you, Reuter just reported

Yesterday News

LadyDragon Article ---> IMPORTANT ----- 12.25pmEST > Gaza under attack from Israel

Latest News in Gaza

9.08pmEST - Raining attacks on Gaza continue can be heard on Harry's feed

LadyDragon Article --->9.07pmEST -Anonymous Message OpIsrael

7.51pmEST - Two children killed in airstrike on house in city, 6 journalists injured on building for media office

Latest News in Gaza-7.46pmEST-Israel and Syria exchange fire in Golan

Latest News in Gaza-7.13pmEST-Too much explosion most reatwitter now press place hit they say brb

Latest News in Gaza-7.03pmEST-Many more insane explosions that keeps on scaring Sam plus now RT feed looking for where they are

Latest News in Gaza-6.55pmEST-2 more very loud explosions just heard, now hearing ambulance

Latest News in Gaza-6.50pmEST-2 very loud explosions just heard scaring the living day light of Sam I had to calm her down fuck

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.47pmEST > Fucking drones louder then ever on Harry's feed

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.44pmEST > Just heard the F-16 and saw air strike flash of light then boom on RT feed

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.28pmEST > Air strikes just heard again on Harry's feed

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.15pmEST > 4 air strikes just heard on Harry's feed

Latest News in Gaza----- 6.10pmEST > Emergency Rally Pictures For #GazaUnderAttack - Edmonton, Canada from my friend Lindsay

Latest News in Gaza----- 5.02pmEST > Saudi Arabia will not use his oil power to stop Israel from attacking Isreal

Latest News in Gaza----- 2.22pmEST > Reserve from Israel refusing to enter Gaza 70% confirmed

Latest News in Gaza----- 1.30pmEST > Every 100 minutes 1 palestinian is killed

I, LadyDragon will continue around the clock reporting the truth on what is going on.

Please follow me for continue coverage;

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