Interview with Elena Dementieva after her lost of her second round match over Melanie Oudin at the 2009 US Open



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Friday September 04, 2009


Interview with Elena Dementieva after her lost of her second round match over Melanie Oudin at the 2009 US Open

Melanie won in 3 sets 5-7,6-4,6-3

Q. Considering how well you've been playing this summer, if you could, just talk about your expectations coming in and just how disappointing it is to make an early exit.
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, for sure it is disappointing. You know, I was really hoping to play well here, but just didn't feel, you know, the way I should feel about the match today was not exciting. Maybe overplayed a bit in the summer.
But I think she played really well. She was very positive and going for the shots, going for the winners. Just was a very solid game from her.

Q. She's playing of course in front of a New York crowd, a largely U.S. crowd. Di you really feel that the feeling was that she had crowd support out there and just the atmosphere?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I feel she had a very good attitude today in the court. She was really using all the positive emotions from the crowd, you know, support and she was really into the game and, you know, really playing at her best today.

Q. She upset Jelena I remember at Wimbledon, and now you. What kind of future do you think she has? Not that I want to talk not about you and the others, but that's two big wins for her.
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, for sure. You know, I think she's very talented. She was in the court and not afraid to play. She was playing very aggressively, really enjoying this atmosphere, you know, the crowd support and really going for the winners.
So it's just the beginning, but it looks like she has a good future.

Q. Does she have enough power? If I remember right, Jankovic was saying she wasn't really doing much. I'm the one making the mistakes.
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: No, I feel she has a great variety. She can go for the slice, dropshot, and forehand winners, also. Today she was definitely in the court trying to hit down the line.
So no, I think she has a very solid game.

Q. She's not the biggest girl in the world. Do you think in this time with a lot of bigger girls around that she can hang with some of them?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I think she moves really well. You know, the footwork is really great. She was really fighting for every point, playing everything back, just waiting for the you know, she's very patient on the court. She knows what is her strength. She's just waiting for the moment to attack the ball.
So even with she's not very tall, but still, you know, she's very athletic.

Q. Do you feel like you lost this match more than she won it, or...
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: No, I think she won it.

Q. Came with a good game plan?

Q. I think the first time she called the trainer was before your serve. I'm wondering if that disrupted your momentum at all?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: No, not at all.

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Interview with Elena Dementieva after her lost of her second round match over Melanie Oudin at the 2009 US Open

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